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Siri Eyes Free Mode - Not for us
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Author:  pigaro [ Thu Jan 14, 2016 6:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Siri Eyes Free Mode - Not for us

I have had mixed luck with the Honda voice recognition system, sometimes it works and other times it is amusingly frustrating. I read about something called Siri Eyes Free Mode, and the information sheet indicates it works on all 2013 Accords and 2014 Sedan EX-L and above. Since the PHEV is outfitted like the Touring, I figured it should work on the PHEV as well.

A couple of months ago I attempted to get Siri Eyes Free Mode installed on my plug-in hybrid. I tried getting it installed at my regular dealer (Norm Reeves Honda - West Covina) but after several hours they gave up because they did not have the proper equipment to install the software -- a diagnostic laptop with a specified Bluetooth interface. I took it to another dealer, Metro Honda in Montclair, CA. They had the proper equipment, and after several hours of following the installation instructions (which I got from Norm Reeves), they gave up. The system seemed to be installing the software, but did not actually work.

Since then I made a call to Honda North America. A technician there told me that the Accord PHEV is not among the models supported by Siri Eyes Free Mode, so Honda voice recognition is the only option.

I found a work-around on -- a remote Home button. It is a little tricky to use, but it does work. I originally clipped it onto the steering wheel, but kept popping it off when turning. Now it is clipped onto the parking break handle where it seldom gets in the way.

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