Honda Accord PHEV Production Starts

2014 Honda Accord PHEV

In early January 2013, Honda will start selling the Accord PHEV. The Accord PHEV recently passed California’s most stringent emissions testing level, and is the first gasoline powered car to meet the SULEV20 guidelines.

“Once again, Honda is the first to comply with ARB’s most stringent standard,” said Tom Cackette, ARB’s Deputy Executive Officer and head of the mobile source program.

In 1995, the 1996 Civic was the first certified Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) gasoline vehicle. In 1997, the 1998 Accord was the first certified ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV) gasoline vehicle.

Signed on December 21st, an Executive Order now allows Honda to sell the newly certified ultra clean car in California following a detailed examination of emissions and performance test results. Honda began production of the Accord PHEV the same day.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda said the 2014 Honda Accord PHEV gets 124 MPGe in the city and 105 MPGe on the highway with a charged battery pack.

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