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    "Emissions System Problem" message is on....Need help !!!

    I'm not sure, I never located the sensor. I think the valve itself was in the heater loop between the electric and engine coolant heaters, but not entirely sure. I think the valve that had the loose connection in my case is different than the temperature sensors that reported the problem.
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    Sudden battery drop

    Did temperature drop a lot? I think it's been cold this season even in Florida. When temperature drops and you run the heat, the MPG estimate drops a fair amount. Then the car will show you a lower range based on the new MPG estimate. (Electric efficiency estimate really, but similar to MPG.)
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    "Run Flat" Tires Install, I need you guys advices and reccom

    Wow, nice. Did they mount on your existing wheels?
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    "Emissions System Problem" message is on....Need help !!!

    I just had an 'emissions system problem' last week as well. Dealer pulled the code and found a loose connection on a 'three way water valve'. I had driven it for about a week before taking it in, so seems not to be fatal in my case. No dealer charge and nothing replaced. I was pleasantly...
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    Low 12v Battery and what can happen

    I'd certainly put another brand in. With a little larger capacity if it can be found to fit. There are people on the conventional Accord forums reporting battery failures with some of their 12v batteries, so I don't see any reason to stick with the dealer provided battery. Also, I started...
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    "Emissions System Problem" message is on....Need help !!!

    That's a new one to me. It's probably a sensor problem in the exhaust system, although odd you would see it when in EV mode. Is it still happening? Have you been to the dealer yet? One option is to use a code reader on the car and see what is being reported. A lot of auto parts stores can...
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    "Run Flat" Tires Install, I need you guys advices and reccom

    Did you ever try this? I was curious as well, but they are generally heavier, reducing gas mileage. And as rinthos mentions, they aren't recommended for after market installs. I think because the rims should be designed for the run flat tire.
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    Battery Fan Noise during Charging

    Yes, it only seems to have sound on one side. At least that's the way it sounds here. I think the second one may come on if it is hotter and needs to cool the battery.
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    buying a used accord phev

    I've seen no problems myself. There were a couple people that had failures I've seen, but I think it was dead 12V battery (pretty easy to fix, but the failure looks scary because the dashboard gives a bunch of different messages.) There is a recall update to software for a possible engine...
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    Cobra, what will happen if the High Energy Battery is dead ?

    I don't think so... Although maybe it has a mode that will allow it to run the engine and use the generated power for the drive motor. I'm not sure, it generates from the gas engine and expects to be able to store some of that power in the battery. If it were really dead, I suspect the car...
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    Completely Dead !!

    Thanks for the details! Very interesting. That's why I mentioned earlier on that it might be the 12V battery. It seems the PHEV runs most of the electronics off the 12V, which it can recharge itself, but if it runs down some crazy errors are reported. To answer your question about an...
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    Gracenote database update ... lugin.html There's also an update for the Gracenote database, for those who are interested. It says next update will be in July though, so if you are going to do it, might be worth waiting another week or so.
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    Engine Information of Honda Accord Plug in Hybrid

    Yeah, I think they just made e-CVT a marketing name for something completely different than conventional CVTs.
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    Completely Dead !!

    Hopefully that was under warranty. Maybe something simple like a problem with the 12V battery. Hope you stop back to update us!
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    2015 Map Update

    Thanks for the post. I've been wondering if the NAV database was ever going to get updated for the PHEV. I'll have a look! edit: Do they say this is compatible with the PHEV? I thought this model would use the USB update method.
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    New 2014 Plug In

    Nice. Yeah, Paragon is ok. I took it same day I showed up, and it wasn't fully prepped. But I didn't want to make another trip to NY for it, so kind of pushed them. They seemed kind of embarrassed that the car wasn't fully polished and all the protective film junk removed.
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    New 2014 Plug In

    Welcome! So they are starting to get low on stock? I haven't looked in a while once I acquired one up in NY. I drove it back to PA. ;) Which area are you in? Let's see, Queens? Any chance Paragon Honda?
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    Cold weather and electric miles

    What are your overnight temperatures? If you charge in the evening, then it sits in an unheated garage, the entire car can be very cold. When you first start it, what does the gauge temperature show on the dash? That's a good indication of the temp the car is presently at (assuming you look...
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    Check Engine Light + Emission System + ACC

    Haven't seen anything like that. Hope the dealer can find it easily. Have you heard anything yet?
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    Price of Honda Accord Plug in

    Wow, good deal on a lease. That must have been a new program for late this year? It wasn't in effect last year.