Accord Plug vs Prius Plug - any thoughts or insight?

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Dec 9, 2013
Is the Accord plug REALLY worth >$12.5K more than the Prius Plug? From the EPA stat's the Accord plug has (only) 9 cu ft more passenger volume, and 13 cu ft LESS luggage volume. All electric miles are similar (10). MPG not so different (slight advantage Prius). Both mid-size vehicles. Then there's the incredible reputation of the Prius vs. first year of Accord plug, and Honda's mediocre hybrid reputation (Accord, Civic hybrid).

Thoughts from anyone who has cross-shopped these vehicles?

Accord plug $37.5k invoice, Prius plug ~26K after rebate and a healthy dealer discount.
I drove a Prius 3 years before getting the Accord PHEV. The Prius is much more plastic-y and cheap looking inside, has terrible rear visibility and handles very poorly in snow and ice. It does have considerably more cargo space. In comparison, the Accord is a much more solid and comfortable vehicle. In warm weather, the Accord will give you 15-16 miles on a charge. Is it worth $12k more? That's up to you. It is a matter of what you value in a vehicle. At the moment, with battery prices what they are, buying a PHEV to save money is a dubious enterprise in the first place.
srl99":2qihumbx said:
Thanks for your input! The reason to buy is to get in the HOV lane for a commuter.
If all you want is the green HOV lane sticker..then I guess go for the cheaper car, and buy ASAP. You imply you don't care too much about the car, just want one that will hold up and that you can use w/ carpool lane.
Only ~25% of those green stickers left in California so better hurry :)

And just an FYI, the hybrid powertrain in the Honda Accord Plug-In is completely different than the Civic Hybrid and the old accord hybrid (discontinued).

It's very very similar to the Prius powertrain design.
A dealer "offered" to sell us an A P-i at sticker, which I guess is a favor this month. [Honda's year-end push of vehicles was successful.]

We ended up in a base Prius P-i, at 26K. Just couldn't justify the extra $14K.

The Prius P-i had a price reduction after the first or second model year, as did the Cmax Energi, Volt, etc. Accord P-i is priced higher than the competition at the moment.