any recommendations for laptop battery replacements?

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May 24, 2013
I have a compaq cq62 laptop(Windows 7 home premium), well, a boring problem occured to it is when i keep my charger plugged in, i am always informed: "plugged in, not charging", the battery is about 8 months old as the original battery on my device. A few hours later, i receive a message: "Consider replacing your battery"!! The cuss i am, i think it's time for me to replace it.

However, i have no idea what will be the better option to buy such laptop batteries. If I should go OEM and take the price on the chin or look to Amazon or eBay (about 1/5 the cost compared to HP). In addition, some websites like ... 10-8v.html are also offer high quality 3rd party laptop batteries just within my budget, should i go ahead?

And any recommendations is welcome..