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May 21, 2016
Hi everyone, I just purchased a black Accord PHEV in Florida with 34k miles on it and drove it back to Texas. Added window tint and new Michelin Defenders and absolutely love it.

I get between 15-18 miles of EV range on my commute to work. Luckily I get to charge at work as well. While charging, I can hear the battery fan behind the rear passenger seat turn on. However, I've never heard the fan on the drivers side rear seat. From the diagrams of the battery in the Emergency Response document, it appears that that there are two fans, as the pack is split into to sections of 50 cells each.

Is it normal for only the one passenger side fan to turn on during charging? Or do most on this forum hear sound from both sides during charging? (If so, I need to get mine checked out as I don't want half of my pack to get too hot and decay prematurely).

I like the fact that it offers 30 minutes of climate control via the Honda Link App, but I wish it would offer more than just one departure time. While at work, plugged into the wall, I would love to be able to program the app to turn the climate system every hour, as a black car sitting in the Texas sun can get pretty hot inside. Does anyone have any experience with creating apps that could do something like this?

Ive never listened to it closely enough to notice. I can check mine next time i charge it and let you know. Also let us know what the dealer says.
Yes, it only seems to have sound on one side. At least that's the way it sounds here. I think the second one may come on if it is hotter and needs to cool the battery.