Charging outside/rain? Safe??

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Nov 1, 2014
Hey guys, I just bought a plugin yesterday and plan to charge the accord outside. Is it OK to do that on a GFCI as specified in the manual with the Honda plugin cord the car comes with? Is it safe in the rain?

Im asking this because I was looking at charging stations and they are rates indoor or indoor/outdoor. I wanted to be sure the one supplied with the car is rated outdoor. I cannot find any info on this topic in the Honda literature.
Are you asking about the 120V plug that is supplied with the car? I don't believe it is rated for outside use in the rain.
Hey Cobra,

Yes, I was talking about the charger that came with the car, I called the manufacturer and after 3 days I got a strait answer. The unit is Nema 4 rated for indoor or outdoor use. It is safe in rain and wet locations. I mounted mine in my driveway and made a poor mans charging station for about $40 worth of parts at home depot. I will post a pic later today.