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Nov 7, 2012
Honda Motor Co. will release a plug-in hybrid version of its popular Accord by mid-January of next year. With a fuel efficiency rating of 115 mpg-e, the car aims to compete with Ford, Chevy, and Prius in the ever more populous hybrid vehicle marketplace. Honda’s plug-in Accord will qualify for California’s carpool lanes, and will feature an all-electric driving range of approximately 13 miles. Honda has equipped the car with a visible hybrid logo on the door of the charging port as well as on the vehicle’s rear bumper.
Functional, clever, and attractive. Those are three words that describe the new Honda Accord plug-in hybrid, and you will likely agree after viewing the short informational clip below. The sleek dash controls provide all the data a hybrid driver needs, along with conveniently placed steering wheel controls. The luxurious seating and upholstery are par for the course in the Accord, and the new plug-in is no exception. Featuring three exterior color choices, the 2014 plug-in sports a lightweight aluminum hood, 17-inch forged alloy wheels, and various aerodynamic design tweaks. In addition, Honda’s freshest face will offer a rearview camera, a special, expanded-width driver’s mirror, blind-spot display, running lights and mirror-mounted LED turn indicators.
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