Honda SENSING (auto steer/brake) "retrofit"!

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Mar 21, 2018
PLEASE tell me that the computer systems that manage the steering and braking in the Accord PLUG IN can be flashed/altered to include the last two missing features of the five part SENSING PACKAGE: 1) Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) aka self steering; and 2) Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) aka auto braking...
Since the vehicle already has 3 out of 5 parts of the sensing pkg: 3) Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC); 4) Lane Departure Warning (LDW); and 5) Forward Collision Warning (FCW). So the only thing missing is for these systems to actively steer the car for you if you are about to go left or right of the lines on the pavement... and to apply the brakes when necessary to keep you from hitting something in front of you.
PLUG IN cars already KNOW when these bad things are about to happen and will WARN us auditorilly... so the actual SENSING part of the "SENSING system" is already there.
A 2014 bulletin talked about all 5 parts of SENSING technology, being first added to Acura vehicles and to be filtered down to the rest of Honda's cars as time allowed, which for the Accord was '16. The package IS now available on ALL new '18 Hondas.
So PLEASE tell me, "Oh yeah, the neighborhood computer whiz downloaded the software upgrade for free off of Honda's website and flashed my system back in 2016 when it became available ON ACCORDS and it has been working glitch free ever since!"