Just Purchased Likely One of Last New PHEVs in Southern Cal

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Apr 13, 2015
Just picked mine up yesterday, and I'm so glad I did. Did a quick search last week within the Southern Cal area only to find 3 left within the greater LA area. Fortunately, 2 were at my local Honda dealer, with the third being further inland. Not only that, my local dealer was willing to deal a little bit, whereas the other dealer wanted 5K over sticker.

By yesterday, my local dealer only had one left, and fortunately for me, it was actually my preferred color. Now, there could be literally only one left in Los Angeles.

Still learning more about the car as it's our first EV. Nice to have this site available to share ideas with other owners. I came across another website that mentioned only slightly more than 1,000 Accord Plug-ins have been sold, which may explain why there's not much activity here - there are relatively so few owners.