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Oct 26, 2016
Just a quick heads up as our cars get a bit older.... watch your 12v battery. The car wouldn't "start" the other today. Headlights worked, dashboard error messages were all light up but the car would shift into R. Had the car jump started and drove around. I ended up at a Honda dealer and they did a battery check.... it passed and registered strong. Next morning, same thing happened and again I had it jumped. AAA would not sell me a battery because some models won't fit back in the car. So, off to the dealer....again. This time they left the lights on for a few minutes and then tested the battery....8.5v. Purchased a new Honda Battery. So, here's what I learned. The OEM battery might only last a few years, so this issue will start to come up more often. Buy an OEM battery, it needs to be the right size to fit in the plastic shroud. FYI
Same thing happened to my car, too.......Within 4 years, this is my 2nd OEM Honda Battery is losing it's power. Mine started to draw power from the High Energy Battery when I first drive the car in the morning ==> EV mileages dropped to 5 miles only. Auto Zone has the exactly battery to fit for our vehicle, would we dare to switch to another brand ?
I'd certainly put another brand in. With a little larger capacity if it can be found to fit. There are people on the conventional Accord forums reporting battery failures with some of their 12v batteries, so I don't see any reason to stick with the dealer provided battery.

Also, I started carrying a jump-start battery pack in the trunk. That way if you run the car down you can restart it. It works really well. I already ran mine down once when I turned on the emergency flashers and turned off the car. I think Honda has moved to lower capacity 12 main batteries.
When I purchased my car, it had 35k miles on it and the previous owner had already replaced the 12V battery. Currently at 55k miles and everything is still working fine. If the OEM one doesn't last that long, I wouldn't replace it with another OEM battery. DEKA makes an appropriate replacement, Group 51.

http://www.labatteries.com/index.php?ro ... ct_id=1006

This is what my car uses and I still get 15 EV miles, so it's not dragging the system down.