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Sep 25, 2013
So regularly our honda accord PHEV has an after charge battery capacity of around 11-13 miles. We went on a long mountain trip where going down a mountain fully recharged my battery and now for the last two days the capacity after charging is 21 miles. It's a legit 21 miles because after driving 15 miles(with some hills), it still had 5 miles on it. Now, I'm not complaining about the new founded extra capacity, but anyone have any idea why I would now have this new capacity?
The estimate is just a calculation based on previous driving experience.
Roll down a long hill without burning gas, then get 10 miles of electric, and tada you'll get a rather substantial estimate when you charge next.

Remember the mileage estimate will vary. As the battery receives a charge it goes up. As you use a charge it goes down.

In theory if you normally got 10 miles on a charge, and then got 20 on the same exact drive, you'd be violating the laws of a couple missing kw/hrs :)

Sounds like you're getting great range so stick with it, but even w/ the reserve capacity magically becoming available, it's not enough to effectively double :(
You are lucky to have a chance to drive the 21 Ev mile with some hills ( up and down ); I just came back from Las Vegas to California and mine showed 22.5 EV miles after the charge. Cool right ? But after I drove on a "flat surface" 91 West freeway with the speed of 65 mph, that 22.5 miles EV only give me 14.3 miles.

It will degrease chage by chage until you'll get back to 14-15 miles EV again; just keep on monitor it and you will see.
I had to have a relay module replaced and since replaced, I now start the day with 21.1 EV!

Very welcome but strange.