"Run Flat" Tires Install, I need you guys advices and reccom

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Oct 2, 2013
I drive to work around 70 miles/day, ran over 10 nails so far within the last 3 years; every time end up with a towing truck to the close by tire shop. I am thinking of buying a set of 4 Zero Pressure Run Flat tires from Michelin; I need you guys advices. Thanks a lot in advance.
Yikes! That doesn't sound fun at all...

The only caution I would have for Run flat tires is in the Disclaimer all over Tire Rack's website (tirerack.com):

NOTE: Run-flat tires are only recommended for vehicles that are originally equipped with self-supporting run-flat tires and equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system."

Likely having to do w/ traction given the weight etc of the car. That being said, they are available in the sizes, just not sure how they'd handle all the weight given the heavy battery etc. Sizing isn't an issue, and they definately are compatibile, but apparently not recommended :(.

Not sure this is of much help but was all I was ever able to find. Recently got replacement tires here too. Went for Mich MX4's here.
Did you ever try this? I was curious as well, but they are generally heavier, reducing gas mileage. And as rinthos mentions, they aren't recommended for after market installs. I think because the rims should be designed for the run flat tire.
Yes, I installed all 4 tires with the Michelin MXV4 ZP. They handle the road so well, smooth, not a bumpy ride......I love it, should be recommended to everyone.
Gas mileage is still the same, nothing reduce or change at all. I really like these tires ! Invest on them; 1 day you will really appreciate how they save our busy life from hassle and frustrating !!!!

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