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Nov 7, 2012
Will Honda’s hybrid Accord find an assembly line in Central Ohio?

Resurrection of the hybrid Honda Accord Plug in might mean another Ohio-made car on U.S. roads.
Honda Motor Co. (NYSE:HMC) has confirmed that two hybrid versions of its flagship Accord will be sold in America next year.
A plug-in electric/gasoline hybrid, with a fuel economy rating of 115 miles a gallon, will be imported from Japan, the company confirmed, but executives declined to comment on where the traditional hybrid car, with its combined rating of 47 miles per gallon, would be assembled.
Honda historically has imported from Japan its lower-selling niche vehicles, including some Acura models, the Fit subcompact and its hybrids, such as the earlier Accord hybrid.
But worldwide production winds are changing and there are hints that the hybrid Accord could be bound for assembly lines in Marysville, where the company turns out the model.
The automaker has said it wants to bring more production to North America and has spent $2 billion in the past two years to do so, including an $800 million assembly plant in Mexico that will bring production of the Fit to the region. It also has made additions to its Greensburg, Ind., plant so it can produce a hybrid version of the Civic compact. The Civic once was made at East Liberty before assembly was moved to the new Indiana factory in 2008.
So this week’s no comment may become next spring’s new product announcement from the automaker.
Besides the Accord sedan and coupe, the Acura TL sedan is made at Marysville. The CR-V, Crosstour and Acura RDX are put together in East Liberty.

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