2014 Accord Plugin Mod - use new FIT 20kwh battery?

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Apr 18, 2017
Has anyone considered or tried this yet? I LOVE LOVE my car, but dam, does 15 or so miles go by quickly (until engine cuts in). The new FIT EV has a 20kwh battery and I wonder if there is any chance these two are compatible? My current car charges from 120V in 3 hours, but would love it to charge all night and go 7 times further!
Had you done with the VTC Software update yet ? Wait until you done that at the dealer , then you will see your 15 miles EV range is not correct anymore. You will get only around 8 miles before the engine kickin.
What is the VTC Software update? My dealer has never suggested that there is a recommended software update available.

I've thought of adding additional batteries in parallel with the existing pack. However, I've only been able to find one mention of it's voltage (320VDC) and I'm not entirely confident if that is nominal voltage or at top of charge. When I converted my Prius into a PHEV, adding another battery pack in parallel allowed for longer EV range. No reason why this wouldn't act the same.

If it truly is 320V nominal, one could install 100 Lithium Iron Phosphate cells in series to get the right voltage. To increase the range to 30 miles EV, select 20Ah cells.

25 of these units in series would work.
http://www.batteryspace.com/lifepo4-pri ... d-dgr.aspx
would also require a suitable battery management system for safety.

Granted, they would take up even more room in the tiny trunk, but maybe they could fit underneath the deck instead. It would add 165lbs and cost ~$3500.