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May 4, 2013
I have a simple question? While charging, the cool air is sucked in on the passenger side of the rear seat and blows back into the cabin on the drivers is this correct?
Well that is what mine used to after the battery replacement there is not blow back into the passenger compartment. I am sure that I was able to feel the air blowing into the passenger compartment. Now I hear more noise in the trunk and the trunk seems hotter when charging.

Honda tells me that everything if fine, but there are so few of these vehicles that I am not sure the tech knows what he is talking about.

Can you feel the return air flow with your hand?
I would agree that they did not route the air ducts correctly...but since they do not have another to compare my car to trying to have them agree with me is hopeless.

The battery was replaced at 122,000 miles and under factory warranty here in California. FYI the battery is stupid expensive at between 9 and 10 thousand dollars

What we need is the battery replaced with a few of the Tesla S cells for more range.
I believe the warranty is 150,000/8 year and there was no discussion, the dealer was happy to replace it.

Now if they had only hooked up the vents correctly.

FYI daily 240 charging with a 40 amp charger. Sometimes twice a day. Additionally it takes only 30 minutes. Did this quick charging aid in the demise of the battery...maybe?

I still think that one might be able to get 8 Tesla cells into the same space. 42 kw instead of our 6.7...90 mile range?