21.4 EV miles w/L2 charger

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Oct 2, 2013
It took 30 minutes to fully charge the battery and now it is showing 21.4 EV miles, I doubt on that result and will test it out tomorrow.
If you have really good MPG before a charge, it will give you a really high EV range at the next charge. And it needs to not be to cold in your area…

I love the L2 chargers.
UPDATE !!!! I tested it out today at the highway speed at 60 mph and after that 21.4 EV miles came down to 0.0 mile, my real odometer only shows 14 miles had been driven.

By the way, does your car show 1000 miles for HV after a full tank of gasoline had been refilled ?
I just filled my tank for the first time three weeks ago and it rather optimistically showed a predicted HV range of 900 miles. Perhaps that's because I owned the car for six months before I had to fill the tank :cool: