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Apr 10, 2017
Wondering if it's a good idea to purchase my leased Accord Plug-in in light of the fact that less than 1500 were manufactured/sold. How long will Honda support the technology? Any thoughts?
That's actually a great question....

Ultimately the warranty periods are the best you can expect from a manufacturer..(some will go longer, but unlikely).

So given that the Hybrid components are 10/150000, I would say at least 10 years from date of manufacture...
The other components you can likely get in alignment with the regular accord for the most part, which would leave aftermarket options as well.

However depreciation is likely to be stiff on these, given there is no assurance that after 10years Honda will be able to repair/replace batteries..
Aftermarket options likely to exist, but there's always a risk there.

Curious if anyone else has thoughts on this, as it's a great question.
I bought mine used last year, and I was concerned too. Ultimately, if the car goes 120k miles without issue, I win. If the price of gas goes to $4.00, I win. Not having to be in a Prius, I win. My car was a certified pre-owned, but my local dealers never saw one of these cars and have no ideas when things go wrong. If you call Honda Customer Service, they say any dealer can fix them. I don;t know yet if the risk is/was worth it. I have driven driven 20k miles and replaced a battery and got oil changes. I'm in a quiet full sized car and average 55 MPG. So, right now I'm ahead. Also, there's the cool factor if that means much to you. But if a sensor goes and it costs $4,000, there goes my win. The safer bet would have been buying a Toyota. I had to choose between the Accord and Camry Hybrid or Prius. Toyota is in the hybrid game and Honda is just a bit player. But....I really likes the Accord better, and the rest is history.
I was able to purchase the extended 7 year / 125k mile bumper to bumper warranty (which includes all HV components) so I'm going to drive it until one of those periods expire, then make a decision. But I love this car and think that it will be very reliable. The drive train is the same as the HEV accord, except for the larger battery, so 99% of the parts shouldn't be a problem to get, or service.
Thanks for the input. I did end up purchasing my Accord Plug-in. I love it. It had so few miles that I was also able to purchase an extended bumper-to-bumper warranty from my dealer for 8 years!